chowder for days

foolishly made a pot of chowder in an attempt to use up my one cup of heavy cream. alas, there is still heavy cream left—and now a lot more food.



not enough power

took a look at Yuzu’s FS practice for Rostelecom Cup. he eventually did a gorgeous, clean 4Lz at the end of practice, but his run-through revealed some issues. he simply does not have enough stamina to make his way through his five planned quads. he is digging deep and jumping with his back into each of the quads. because of this reliance and the preparation to get that extra power, he doesn’t get the right in-air angle (optimized at 18 degrees past normal) and tends to land forward because of this.

it makes me really nervous to think that he might be picking up a bad habit for the sake of including more quads in his program. i’m crossing my fingers that he won’t injure himself before Pyeongchang.

grand prix final predictions for men’s

honestly, the men’s field is probably the only one for which predictions makes sense. (except Evgenia just wiping the field for ladies’, but i don’t count that.) i ran some of the numbers with my predictions, and have concluded that the Japanese Federation has played its cards very well by separating Yuzu from Shoma and having both of them face off with Patrick—pretty much a guaranteed win, sorry PChan.

the below predictions reflect my “reasonable worst case scenario” for Team Japan:

still, we see Patrick, Nathan, Javi, Yuzu, Boyang, and Shoma making it to GPF. the closest contender i foresee is Vincent, but as a newcomer, i doubt he can rack up the requisite extra placement per event to squeeze into the top. or maybe one of the veterans will headcase, who knows.

Rostelecom Cup this weekend. finally we’ll see the Shibutani’s new programs.