another professional look

typically, i don’t like to double-post in one day, but i am in love with this shirt Jun is wearing in the latest Arashi PV:

however, i am at a loss of what to call the style of this shirt. is it a “collared shirt” simply because it is worn under a suit jacket? technically, there is no collar. perhaps it is just a formal/professional shirt, but those search terms would hardly bring up good results on a shopping website. i want one for myself.


five years later

Yuzu did an amazing job in the free skate. there is a favorite phrase of his that goes along the lines of “remember your beginner’s mindset.” the Japanese words chosen are more nuanced, but the point is that the phrase serves as a reminder for him to never lose his initial motivation and love for skating. it was clear that the same passion burns in his eyes when he finished his free skate as it did when he emerged onto the world stage in 2012. see the ending poses for both skates: