early morning multitasking

got up at 4am to (1) grade some moot court briefs, (2) watch re-runs of Kids Baking Championship, (3) work on my leg extension and stretch my back out, and (4) enjoy my hot chocolate with an espresso shot.  all before a scheduled focus group at 8am and work at 9am.

working hard, but feeling good about life.  unlike my mental state during the entirety of january, during which i must have cried at least every other day for so many different reasons including no reason at all.

hoping to carve out time for a new design project soon.


i’m heartbroken

just caught wind of the news that Arashi is going on indefinite hiatus as of 2020. by some miracle, i discovered their existence in the summer of 2009. they taught me Japanese through their songs and crazy variety shows. they were my comfort during late nights of work. i still know the lyrics to hundreds of their songs, and poor quality episodes of Arashi no Shukudai-kun produced on a low budget still make me laugh.

sayonara ja nai you ne? mata aeru kara. 


misc skating thoughts

so, Skate America and Skate Canada are complete. my absolute favorite SP is Satoko’s:

the ladies’ field is a complete toss-up, but i’m secretly rooting for Evgenia. she got rid of her miming, got rid of Eteri, got a new look, and got some muscles on her bones. i’m doubtful that she’s going to do well this season, but i respect her choices.

as for the men’s, somehow i’m less interested. i’m loving Yuzu’s Otonal but the field overall seems stagnant. blah blah, Shoma, Nathan, quads. but at least the new -5/+5 GOE system is keeping things interesting and the Kiss & Cry full of crazy reactions to all the UR calls.

on a personal note, i had two people (one a fellow skater, another a coach) give me compliments on my layback spins tonight. i finally got my arm position, and surprisingly, it helps me find my center. now i need stronger lower back muscles to hold my free leg out instead of doing the awkward leg-bend, which is my personal pet peeve of bad laybacks.