dancing with the stars

i’ve never really been a fan of Dancing With the Stars, but this season features Mirai and Adam competing head-to-head, so i guess i’ll watch their dances.

sure, the Disney thing is a little heavy-handed, but the princess in me loves Mirai’s dress and her shoes. my favorite part of the dance is when she does the semi-sit spin into an arabesque, dip, and turn. Mirai’s foxtrot takes the win for me this week, as i wasn’t really feeling Adam’s quick step. which makes me wonder if Adam has the growth to progress, as his first dance was basically a solid-ground recycle of his “Let Me Think About It” program.

i’d like to point out that Mirai has effectively replaced Ashley as Adam’s new best friend ever since Mirai made the Olympic Team over Ashley. hm.

(also realized that i don’t have a category for “dance” so i’ll just file this away under “figure skating” for now.)




currently obsessed with this cover, and because i’m in a hateful mood.

at least for now, i haven’t been watching the new season of Tokyo Ghoul. i have mixed feelings toward the anime in general, as i find it quite grotesque yet tragically compelling.

we live in a world someone else imagined
the ghost of what’s left of me all but vanished


skating crushes

this performance is such a good representation of everything i loved about Johnny, underneath all the glitter, attitude, and press. his spin positions are still ridiculously gorgeous.

if i were to disclose my chronology of skating crushes and favorite competitive programs, it would go like this;

  1. Alexei Yagudin – Winter; Man in the Iron Mask
  2. Johnny Weir – The Swan; Fallen Angel
  3. Yuzuru Hanyu – Romeo & Juliet 1; SEIMEI; Hope & Legacy

coincidentally (or not), i’ve been to each of their training grounds (Freehold, NJ; Wilmington, DE; Sendai, Miyagi, Japan).

referring to a different kind of crush, i’m being slammed at work. but Tuesday nights are my freedom. i’m hoping the strain in my left calf goes away by the time i have to head to the rink.


a recent snow

our Boston office was closed last Tuesday for a snowstorm. i saw the fingers of icicles forming on my windowsill as i enjoyed a Tuesday morning with little work.

it reminded me of my favorite part of Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”

Then the man drowsed off into what seemed to him the most comfortable and satisfying sleep he had ever known. The dog sat facing him and waiting. The brief day drew to a close in a long, slow twilight. There were no signs of a fire to be made, and, besides, never in the dog’s experience had it known a man to sit like that in the snow and make no fire. As the twilight drew on, its eager yearning for the fire mastered it, and with a great lifting and shifting of forefeet, it whined softly, then flattened its ears down in anticipation of being chidden by the man.

also that week, my special someone brought me funfetti cake for my special day. i remember, in the years of childhood, my delight at the funfetti cupcakes in silver foil liners that my parents baked for me. isn’t it sweet how some things can change yet still remain the same.


runway throwback

sometimes a red carpet look doesn’t have to be from the most recent season. Allison Williams’s dress was a design from Armani PrivĂ©’s 2013 show.


as i revisit this collection, i subtly consider the additional seven hours of work i have left. worth it though.