i wish i…

  • had paintable walls.
  • owned a piano.
  • could eat apples.
  • had perfect vision.
  • could sleep for 24 hours.
  • stopped cutting.
  • were pretty.
  • felt loved.

early morning multitasking

got up at 4am to (1) grade some moot court briefs, (2) watch re-runs of Kids Baking Championship, (3) work on my leg extension and stretch my back out, and (4) enjoy my hot chocolate with an espresso shot.  all before a scheduled focus group at 8am and work at 9am.

working hard, but feeling good about life.  unlike my mental state during the entirety of january, during which i must have cried at least every other day for so many different reasons including no reason at all.

hoping to carve out time for a new design project soon.

i’m heartbroken

just caught wind of the news that Arashi is going on indefinite hiatus as of 2020. by some miracle, i discovered their existence in the summer of 2009. they taught me Japanese through their songs and crazy variety shows. they were my comfort during late nights of work. i still know the lyrics to hundreds of their songs, and poor quality episodes of Arashi no Shukudai-kun produced on a low budget still make me laugh.

sayonara ja nai you ne? mata aeru kara.